Political Ads for Local Candidates (Plus, 75 Free Design Templates)

Political Ads for Local Candidates (Plus, 75 Free Design Templates)

If  you’re running for a local or municipal office such as mayor, council member, school board, or sheriff, it can be tough to raise funds and strategically allocate resources towards voter outreach efforts.

In the months leading up to an election, you’re bouncing from event to event, knocking on doors, married to your smartphone, and managing operations that require constant attention. There aren’t enough hours (or dollars) in the day to plan, design, and execute a high-impact political ad campaign.

But thanks to new tech, that’s changing.

A new political ad platform is leveling the playing field by giving local candidates access to the same marketing tools used by party-backed campaigns. You no longer need a huge budget to reach target voters directly, nor do you need to pay thousands to a consultant to manage it all.

All you need is a laptop and ten minutes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register a free account
  2. Target voters by Congressional District, State House Upper/Lower, County, School District, or Voting Precinct
  3. Choose a design option (upload art; choose a free template; hire a professional)
  4. Choose marketing channels (direct mail; Facebook ads; Google display; etc.)
  5. Pay with a credit card

This type of new, all-in-one political ad platform is designed to help local candidates compete regardless of budget.

Whether you’ve got $500 to work with, or $50,000, you can launch influential ad campaigns to boost awareness and voter turnout.


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