How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

Asortment of direct mail piecesIf you’re a small business owner, or a marketing professional, you know that direct mail is one of the most important parts of your complete marketing mix.

Direct mail generates higher response rates, yields higher average return on investment (ROI), and drives transactions more effectively than nearly every digital channel.

But despite these irrefutable facts, from accredited sources, many still think that direct mail is too complicated or too expensive for their budget — which is simply not true.

It’s actually easier to launch a direct mail campaign than it is to run ads on Google or Facebook.

And, in many cases, it’s more affordable and effective, too.

So how much does direct mail cost?

Let’s explore the two most popular direct mail methods: Every Door Direct Mail® and Personalized Mail.

Every Door Direct Mail® Pricing
Also referred to as EDDM®, this direct mail program enables advertisers to reach “every door” in targeted geographic areas using postal carrier routes. In essence, a postal carrier route is a neighborhood or group of streets used by the USPS to deliver mail. It’s extremely efficient, and as a result, extremely affordable. EDDM® is the ideal direct mail solution for advertisers who need to reach every local home or generate maximum awareness at the local level.

All-Inclusive Pricing Per Piece:
Includes design options, full-color printing, mail preparation, postage, and delivery.

11″ x 17″ Flyers

  • 1,000     62¢
  • 2,500     49¢
  • 5,000     39¢
  • 10,000     33¢
  • 25,000     32¢
  • 50,000     31¢

8.5″ x 11″ Postcards

  • 1,000     60¢
  • 2,500     46¢
  • 5,000     37¢
  • 10,000     33¢
  • 25,000     31¢
  • 50,000     30¢

6.25″ x 9″ Postcards

  • 1,000     53¢
  • 2,500     37¢
  • 5,000     33¢
  • 10,000     31¢
  • 25,000     30¢
  • 50,000     29¢

4.25″ x 11″ Postcards

  • 1,000     50¢
  • 2,500     34¢
  • 5,000     31¢
  • 10,000     30¢
  • 25,000     27¢
  • 50,000     25¢

Personalized Mail Pricing
When highly-targeted prospect lists are required, Personalized Mail is the best direct mail solution. With this method, advertisers can build mailing lists using advanced geographic, demographic, and behavioral attributes. For example, a pediatrician may want to target middle to high income households with children, who live within a three mile proximity to their medical practice. Alternatively, advertisers can use their own in-house mailing list (existing customers and prospects) for Personalized Mail.

All-Inclusive Pricing Per Piece:
Includes custom mailing list, design options, full-color printing, mail preparation, permit, postage, and delivery.

4″ x 6″ Postcard (First Class)

  • 1000    76¢
  • 2500    59¢
  • 5000    50¢
  • 10000    47¢
  • 25000    45¢
  • 50000    44¢

5.5″ x 8.5″ Postcard

  • 1000    95¢
  • 2500    69¢
  • 5000    58¢
  • 10000    53¢
  • 25000    51¢
  • 50000    50¢

6″ x 11″ Postcard

  • 1000    $1.05
  • 2500    76¢
  • 5000    65¢
  • 10000    60¢
  • 25000    57¢
  • 50000    56¢

For small business owners, the average size of a direct mail campaign is somewhere between five and ten thousand pieces.

So, using the pricing listed above, one can expect to pay 31¢ to 65¢ per piece (depending on the quantity and type of mailing).

By comparison, the average cost per click via Google Adwords is roughly two dollars. And according to the latest neuroscience research, clicks don’t compare to the deep impression direct mail makes on consumers.

Further, a click on Facebook costs about the same as a fully-designed, printed, and mailed direct mail piece. And again, a social media click makes less of an impact on each prospect than a direct mail impression.

While comparing marketing channels can be helpful, the truth is that modern marketers need to build strong, integrated, multi-channel campaigns to maximize their ROI and effectively reach the best prospects.

Personally, I like to use fishing as an analogy for marketing.

Each time you add another marketing channel, you cast another line in the water. With each new offer, you add another lure. There’s never been a successful commercial fishing operation that uses only one line or lure.

Good luck and happy marketing.

Chris Barr

Chris is a veteran marketing professional who has helped build and manage campaigns for thousands of small businesses and organizations. Since 2006, he has helped build Taradel from startup to perennial Inc. 5000 company with over 10,000 clients. In his free time, Chris enjoys being a Dad, playing drums, and watching sports.

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