It’s Go-Time for Lawn and Landscape Business Owners

It’s Go-Time for Lawn and Landscape Business Owners

lawn business direct mailLawn and Landscape Professionals:

March 20th is the official start date for Spring in 2017.

In other words, it is GO-TIME for your business.

Every year, a staggering number of lawn and landscape services make the WORST possible mistake… they do ZERO marketing.

It’s easy to spot these struggling businesses, because they try to make up for it with a “marketing blitz” after it is too late (which does not work).

You can also tell who did a great job with their marketing by driving through neighborhoods and observing which company’s trucks and crews are out working. In most cases, it’s the same two or three companies generating business from a multitude of neighborhoods and communities.

As every lawn and landscape veteran knows, you only get one chance to secure a homeowner’s seasonal lawn business. Once they locate another provider, they are gone (probably forever) to a competitor.

So, unless you have hundreds of locked-in customers lined up and ready to transact, please STOP what you are doing and make what could be the best decision of the year.

Send direct mail offers to every homeowner and prospective customer in your market. It’s the most fool-proof way to reach the right homeowners, at the right time, with the right offer.

Direct mail marketing is affordable, too.

In 10 minutes or less,  you can launch a 100% all-inclusive direct mail campaign for less than the cost of a normal postage stamp!

If you take action right now, you can still get your mailers “in homes” at the very beginning of lawn season.


At this point, waiting even one extra day can literally cost you thousands.

I apologize for the urgent nature of this blog post — but I don’t want you to become another “too little, too late” story.

There is so much on the line — especially in such a competitive industry.

Make your marketing the top priority. Get it done now.

Remember, every time you say “I’ll do it tomorrow” a competitor is saying “I’m doing this today”.

Good luck and best wishes on an excellent year.

Oh, by the way… Here is a best-selling FREE lawn marketing postcard design that you can use to get started. Our in-house designers will add your logo, contact information, and offers free of charge.


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