Busy Mom: I Like Receiving Targeted Direct Mail Offers

Busy Mom: I Like Receiving Targeted Direct Mail Offers

Audio Transcript:
The following transcript is from a verified, independent consumer who recently responded to questions about Taradel’s Personalized Mail platform. The test was conducted by an independent organization who randomly selected a tester with no affiliation to the company.

Busy Mom DemographicRespondent Details:

  • Female
  • Age 43
  • Minnesota
  • Income $100,000+
  • Married
  • Mother of multiple children

Do you like receiving direct mail offers from small business owners?

Absolutely. I’m always looking for a deal. I’m looking for small businesses who are looking for customers. Sometimes, they’re just getting started out and they need a following, they need somebody to try them out. And, I’m just the person, and family, to do that.

Are you more likely to purchase from a business if they mail you coupons and special offers?

If they’re (direct mail offers) relevant to me, then I like receiving them. In this case, this would be relevant to me. I have kids, I’m in the age group. I don’t like receiving direct mail offers that do not at all pertain to me. As long as they pertain to what I’m looking for, then I definitely look at them and review them and determine if I have a need to change or add something to our life.

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