Taradel Introduces Personalized Mail

Taradel Introduces Personalized Mail

mailing list serviceExcerpts from official Press Release:

Taradel LLC, announced today the launch of Personalized Mail, a powerful solution enabling advertisers to build mailing lists and launch turnkey direct mail campaigns, all from one place.

The solution is powered by a newly developed application, dubbed the Visual Campaign Builder (VCB). The VCB helps advertisers target consumers using geographic, demographic, and behavioral attributes, while providing a visual representation of the targeted audience in real-time.  With simple sliders and buttons, users can effortlessly target consumers most likely to purchase their products and services.

After selecting the right audience, advertisers can immediately purchase and download the mailing list. For those who wish to launch complete direct mail campaigns, Taradel provides creative, printing, direct mail fulfilment, and delivery services via the USPS®.





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