The Top 5 Questions About Mailing Lists

The Top 5 Questions About Mailing Lists

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mailing list serviceFor many small business owners and advertisers, mailing lists play a huge role in new customer acquisition, sales, and revenue growth.

While some types of businesses, such as pizzerias, appeal to consumers of all demographics, most businesses require the use of more targeted marketing.

For example, a medical practice specializing in pediatric care must target households with children — or risk wasting precious marketing dollars. To do so, the business must use a mailing list service to acquire a database containing only prospects who are best-qualified for their services.

So, how does advertising with a mailing list work?

Get answers to The Top 5 Questions About Mailing Lists:

  1. What Is a Mailing List?
    A mailing list is a database of contacts, prospects, or customers compiled for a specific purpose. Mailing lists are used to deliver communications for a variety of purposes, most often as part of a marketing strategy.
  2. How do I build and purchase a mailing list if I do not have one?
    Many companies offer mailing list services, however, it is important to use a service with highly-accurate, verified data. Some companies enable advertisers to build mailing lists online and then instantly download it — which is very convenient. Most mailing list services provide advertisers with targeting options including a wide range of geographic, demographic, and behavioral attributes.
  3. How much does a mailing list cost?
    Mailing lists are priced based on three main factors: The type of contact record used (consumer or business); the number of targeting selections used (age, income, hobbies, home value, etc); and the total number of records. Generally speaking, expect to pay somewhere in the range of 5¢ to 20¢ per record depending on the type of data you require.
  4. Can I specify certain ZIP Codes, counties, or local neighborhoods when building and purchasing a mailing list?
    Yes. Geographic parameters are an important part of building a successful mailing list when advertising your products or services. As standard practice, mailing list services let you choose “where” the contacts are located.
  5. How do I use my mailing list to reach new customers?
    The best way to reach prospective customers is through Personalized Mail campaigns. Direct mail, with a targeted list, averages response rates between 1% and 3.7% — which is far greater than most other marketing channels. Direct mail enables your business or organization to reach the right audience, with the right offer, at the right time. It delivers your message, one-on-one, directly into the hands’ of each prospective customer. With direct mail, the best prospects are forced to interact with your message in a meaningful way.

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