Cheap Flyer Printing Ideas That REALLY Increase Sales & Grow Your Business

Cheap Flyer Printing Ideas That REALLY Increase Sales & Grow Your Business

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When it comes to increasing sales, business owners must use every marketing tactic available so long as the strategy generates a positive return on investment (ROI).

One of the great things about cheap flyer printing is that it can boost purchases from both new and existing customers.

But how can you make flyers that truly function as a catalyst to grow your business?

It’s actually easy to do.

Here are Some Cheap Flyer Printing Ideas That REALLY Increase Sales

Existing Customer Retention:
The great thing about existing customers is that you can easily sell more to them (assuming they had a positive experience the first time). In fact, retaining your customers is the best thing you can possibly do for your business cash flow.

There is an old advertising saying that goes, “You pay for a customer the first time they buy from you… so make sure you bring them back for more.”
From your overhead costs, to marketing and signage, you paid for that customer to find you, and buy from you, in one way or another.

To keep existing customers coming back for more, ALWAYS include a flyer with their purchase offering a “Next Time Deal”. For example, hand your customer a flyer containing coupons and/or promotions when you provide them with their receipt or purchase. You can easily include a flyer in their bag, box, or packaged order.

Have you ever ordered takeout pizza? Think about the offers the pizzeria sticks on top of the box when you make an order. This is a perfect example of client retention through cheap flyer printing.

Do the same, in a way that makes sense, for your business.

New Customer Acquisition:
As great as new customers are, you need new customers (and lots of them!) to really grow and scale your business.

So, when it comes to new customer acquisition, you can pass out flyers at local events, use them for direct mail purposes, or even have them inserted into local newspapers or publications.

For example, you could host a local fundraiser for a worthy cause, and pass out flyers to local supporters. You could offer to donate a percentage of every sale to the charitable cause. Not only will this boost your sales, but it makes your business stand out as a positive contributor to the local community.

No matter how you do it, make cheap flyer printing a part of your marketing strategy.

There is no substitute for putting offers, promotions, information, and more directly into the hands (and homes) of every local prospect.



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