Cheap Flyer Printing Is Easy, So Why Waste Big Bucks?

Cheap Flyer Printing Is Easy, So Why Waste Big Bucks?

cheap flyer printingCheap Flyer Printing Vs. Local Printing, There is a Difference

As a marketing professional, I am always shocked when business owners tell me that, “…we print our flyers locally”. Let me explain…

Now, if you need 50 copies of a flyer — that’s one thing. But if you are printing hundreds or thousands of flyers locally, you are probably spending a small fortune.

Some smaller print shops charge more than 10¢, 15¢, or even 25¢ for full-color flyer printing on both sides. And those prices do not include glossy paper or any additional services, such as graphic design or tri-folding, that you may require.

By comparison, the exact same flyers could cost as little as 2¢ per copy when using a cheap flyer printing service online. The rule with flyer printing is, “the more you buy, the more you save.” Plus, a commercial printing service will provide you with “national brand” quality results, while saving you big bucks.

How do they print so cheap?

It’s all about volume and process.

When you order cheap flyers online, you are leveraging the power and efficiency of a large web printing press (in most cases). These are large printing presses that use huge rolls of paper to print multiple projects at the same time. The speed, efficiency, and affordability built-in to this type of bulk printing is tremendous.

At a local print shop, your flyers are likely printed one copy at a time using what is called a sheet-fed method. Obviously, this process is much less efficient and in return, costs you much more in the end.

So, the next time you need to print cheap flyers, coupons, postcards, or even takeout menus — use an online printing service and get amazing results on a budget.



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