Flyer Printing in Bulk to Save Money

Flyer Printing in Bulk to Save Money

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Nearly every business and organization relies on some form of flyer printing to distribute information about products, services, and events. At the local level, few other forms of marketing provide a more-efficient way of delivering your message to current or prospective customers.

From grocery stores, to restaurants, to small retail shops and beyond — full-color flyers are an effective way to drive sales and repeat business.

So, how can you get professional-quality printing at discounted rates?

Print your flyers in bulk and receive deep discounts — in some cases, you can print full-color glossy flyers for as little as 2¢ each!

(Tip: Do not use local copy shops that charge as much as 25¢ per color copy or print flyers on your home printer. Both of these methods require printing flyers one piece at a time which drive costs sky-high.)

By ordering in bulk (5,000 or more copies), you can order your flyer printing online and leverage the power of web press printing.

What is web press printing?

In layman’s terms, it’s the same printing process used by national brands — where many different jobs can print on a huge commercial printing press at the same time. Using this method, your flyers will print at the same time and on the same printing press as the “mega brands”, saving you a small fortune on costs.

High-speed commercial-grade web presses utilize giant rolls of paper and are ideal for bulk flyer printing, newspaper printing, circular printing, and book printing.

The only time a web press is inefficient is for small quantity printing.

So the next time you need to boost sales or promote an event, print your flyers using an efficient and low-cost method.



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