Every Door Direct Mail® Platform For Franchisors

Every Door Direct Mail® Platform For Franchisors

Franchisors: Are you looking to boost sales across the board? franchise direct mail solution

Now you can boost revenue, empower your franchisees, and control branding with a simple “out of the box” White Label Solution (WLS) for Every Door Direct Mail®.

Why do I keep hearing about Every Door Direct Mail®?

EDDM® is a program created by the United States Postal Service® that enables advertisers to reach every address within targeted postal routes. This popular program provides postage at reduced rates, without the need for additional mailing services like permits, mailing lists, and labels. All of the design (optional), printing, mail prep, postage an delivery requirements are managed for the franchisee — making for an easy “hands off” turnkey direct mail solution.

All orders are submitted online and require no experience, no paperwork, and no trips to the Post Office®.

In simple terms, your franchisees can launch direct mail campaigns, to their target market(s), from any computer, in about ten minutes or less.

More about the White Label Solution:
  • Fully-branded e-Commerce website
  • Individual franchisee/member accounts
  • Online “point and click” mapping tool
  • Corporate-approved design templates
  • Flexible mailing schedule options
  • Saturate target markets, boost revenue quickly
  • Geographic and demographic targeting filters
  • Battle-tested mail platform used by national chains

Improve your marketing, impress your franchisees

Is your franchise in need of sales growth?

Do you need to expand  your in-house marketing services?

Are your franchisees confused or scared to try direct mail?

Does your franchise send out coupons, offers, and/or grand opening event communications?

If you answerd “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll love this simple solution.

National brands and franchisors are already using it. Now, you can too!



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