3 Tips for Pizza Menu Printing that Drives Sales

3 Tips for Pizza Menu Printing that Drives Sales

pizza menu printing
“Let’s order pizza tonight.”

Those four words are spoken countless times each day by families, college kids, professionals, and everyone in between.

And for pizza restaurant owners, those words can translate into big sales.

Why your takeout menu is really important

Virtually every pizza sale starts at the same place — your menu. It’s one of those things that is SO obvious, many business owners fail to realize the importance of it.

Most pizzerias create their takeout menu, and then forget about it (aside from the occasional price or menu item update).

But this is a major mistake. It is your menu that converts thoughts into sales. If your menu doesn’t look amazing and drive prospective customers to place orders, your competition will likely make the sale instead.

Every single image, word, price, and item placement on  your menu can impact your sales.

Change the way you think about your menu.

Think about your menu as an advertisement, not just a “list of items and prices”.

3 Tips for Pizza Menu Printing that Drives Sales

  1. Focus on the Cover – The cover of your menu should be attractive and function as a catalyst for prospective customers to look inside. Make sure your contact and ordering information (phone number, website, address, hours of operation, etc) are easy to find. Show images of your most-popular and best-selling items. Use call-out boxes or starbursts to promote special offers (ie: FREE Delivery on all $10+ orders, or, Look inside for coupons and savings!). Ensure that your menu includes your logo and a theme that matches your brand presence on other media such as your website and signage.
  2. Offer Combo Deals – Coupons will attract attention and help customers feel like they are getting a great deal. An easy way to boost order, and increase your average ticket size, is to offer combo deals that add value. For example, offer a large pizza with one side and beverage at a small discount. By doing so, your average sale will trend North and you will move more product. Just be sure to maintain your profit margins and production efficiency when designing these types of powerful offers.
  3. Improve Your Copy – Copywriting is the art of persuasion in writing. You can use great copy to enhance each of your menu items and their associated product descriptions. Check out the example below:

    Standard Description: Meat Pizza – Popular 3-meat pizza made with pepperoni, sausage, and ground beef.

    Professional Copy Version: Deluxe Triple Meat Pizza –  You’ll love this sizzling 3-meat experience made with fresh pepperoni, delicious Italian sausage, and top-grade ground beef. And of course, every pizza includes our signature sauce and premium Italian Mozzarella cheese blend.

Is it time for a new menu?

Have you been sending the same menu to the same market for years? Is your menu plain-looking or boring? Do you need to boost takeout and delivery sales?

The best time to make a positive change on your menus is always yesterday. But, if you haven’t done so already, make the change today.

With one simple order, you can get new, professionally-designed menus that feature full-color printing on glossy paper — for pennies each!

Thousands of pizzerias have already made the decision, today is your turn to move forward too.



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