Every Door Direct Mail® for Tax Service Professionals

Every Door Direct Mail® for Tax Service Professionals

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With Every Door Direct Mail®, tax services are able to reach the customers who matter most — local households and businesses.

Many tax professionals think direct mail is too expensive or complicated for their business. Some even “dread” the thought of going to the Post Office to purchase a mailing permit and do the paperwork.

But now, with EDDM®, launching a direct mail campaign requires no paperwork or permits, and only takes about ten minutes to complete online.

Absolutely no experience is required.

And tax services, from independent CPAs to national chains, are using this super-affordable direct mail solution to their advantage.

Here’s how it works at EveryDoorDirectMail.com:

  1. Register your FREE account
  2. Click “Target” and enter your tax business address
  3. Click on the local postal routes you wish to target
  4. Choose your design, print, and mailing options
  5. Submit your order online — you’re done!

Things you DON’T have to worry about:

  • No mailing permit required
  • No mailing list required
  • No paperwork required
  • No labels or addressing required
  • No trips to the Post Office required
  • No experience required

So what are you waiting for? Make 2015 your biggest tax season to date with a targeted and highly-effective Every Door Direct Mail® campaign.

For as low as 27¢ per home — you can design, print, and deliver high-powered direct mail offers.



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