How to Successfully Advertise a Tax Preparation Service

How to Successfully Advertise a Tax Preparation Service

tax service marketingIf you are own or manage a tax preparation service, your marketing efforts are absolutely critical to your success during “tax season”. It’s quite ironic that so many supposed financial experts watch their tax prep business under-perform year after year.

Fluency in tax preparation services (and financial law) does not equal a successful business. As with virtually any other industry, it all comes down to sales and marketing.

Did you know that “bad marketing” is worse than no marketing at all? It’s true. Bad marketing can cost you thousands, devastate your company’s reputation, and improve your competitors’ marketing performance.
Consider the (2) scenarios below:

Bad Marketing = Poor Lead Quality >> Poor Lead Generation >> Minimal Sales Conversion Rates >> Financial Diaster

Good Marketing = High Lead Quality >> High Volume Lead Generation >> High Conversion Rates >> Revenue Increase

It’s that simple.

So what can you do to run successful marketing campaigns?

In advance of every tax season, you should focus on 4 things:

  • Customer Demographic Profiling
  • Connecting w/ Local Community on Tax Laws/Changes
  • Message Delivery & USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Distribution
  • Finding New, Qualified Leads & Clients

If everything is in place, but you fail to source leads for your business, and more importantly, convert them into paying clients, your business could end up in dire straits. To be successful in this highly-competitive and seasonal business, you must know how to market your tax preparation services effectively. Marketing is key for the tax industry, and if you don’t know how to deliver effective advertisements, it will cost you big time.

What you really need, is direct marketing – period. You need clients in your office, spending money.

Use Every Door Direct Mail® to Generate Cash Flow

One of the smartest ways to reach your target audience is via the Every Door Direct Mail® service from the USPS®.  With EDDM®, you can target a specific segment of market as per your requirements – such as postal routes with high income households, or households with children. The best part? With EDDM®, your message gets delivered to the right audience without any delays or other offers from competitors. It saves you time, money, and REALLY works. You can plan and start a direct mail campaign in ten minutes or less – with just a few clicks. No paperwork or trips to the local Post Office® required.

Target Customers in Specific Geographic Locations (Not Entire ZIP Codes)

With EDDM®, you can focus on a segment of a local market within a particular ZIP Code as per your requirements. Quite simply stated, there are no effective alternatives to direct marketing your tax prep services at the local level. You must deliver offers directly into prospective clients’ hands, so that you guarantee visibility and exposure. Every other form of marketing such as websites, magazines, newspapers, and other – require prospects to find your ads amongst many others – and then take action. With direct mail, your offers deliver directly into prospects’ hands. They are “forced” to make a decision on your services on the spot. And as any successful tax preparation service can tell you… it REALLY works.


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