4 Easy Ways to Improve Chiropractic Postcards

4 Easy Ways to Improve Chiropractic Postcards

As we close in on 2014, it is now common knowledge that Every Door Direct Mail® is a highly-effective marketing platform in the world or chiropractic. Many of the practices that embrace this platform have experienced tremendous growth (one GA-based practice is bringing in 12+ new patients per week).
direct mail postcards
Focus your message.

But why does EDDM® work so efficiently?

It’s simple –it provides massive reach, generates “overnight” response, and lowers your costs in the first place. Even better, with each new mailing, your practice becomes more well-known, drives new revenue, and builds credibility at the local level.

But, even with all of the EDDM® success stories, some DCs are still struggling. Let’s be honest in that, within each community, there is usually fierce competition when it comes to chiropractic or pain treatment options. With this in mind, you must differentiate your practice from the rest, while driving immediate response via your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Here are 4 easy ways to improve your postcards:

1. Focus on the message
One of the best tips for direct mail is to stay focused. Most business owners have  tons of information to share with the world, however, direct mail is neither the time nor place to do so.  Before you launch an Every Door Direct Mail® campaign, clearly define your message and goals for the campaign.. Marketing is about more than just beautiful images, catch phrases, and text — it’s about the cumulative impact your message delivers to the recipient, as a human. Refrain from delivering messages that treat prospects (other humans) like an order number. “BUY THIS RIGHT NOW” will never work as effectively as “Live pain-free and feel young again — like thousands of others!”
2. Quality AND quantity
An effective postcard focuses on powerful content that delivers a clear and concise message. Once you have this message defined, send it to every prospective customer within your general service area. A great message, or a great offer, deserves a great audience. With direct mail, you can scale.
3. Photos and images
You can use text to persuade the readers, but images and graphics are even more powerful. A picture can say much more than words, and more quickly deliver a message than any other form of content. Most people gravitate to  images the moment they receive an offer. It is important to be careful about the images you use so that your targeted demographic can appreciate the message. You should avoid using images that can be alarming to some prospects (ie: medical equipment, lab photos, X-rays, etc.). Focus on the benefits, not the process — when it comes to all use of images.
4. Overall design
Apart from the images and the content, you have to think about the overall design. What are your corporate colors? Do you have a theme? Does your marketing mix all reinforce the same branding and concept? Everything from the layout, to the color, and even the font will play a part in selling your message. It is important to note that colors affect the mood in different ways, and your color choice can determine if the postcard is attractive to the recipients. Talk to experts and find out the best design for your EDDM® campaign.

Direct mail marketing is not a one-shot deal. You should come up with several postcard campaigns that are aligned with a long-term marketing effort to keep your business relevant in the minds of your audience. EDDM® will bring new patients through the door, but the success of the clinic will depend on your commitment to treatment and ensuring an enhanced patient experience. Constant communication is a big part success.

Good luck, and happy marketing!


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