3 Tips to Improve Every Door Direct Mail® Offers

3 Tips to Improve Every Door Direct Mail® Offers

When you use Every Door Direct Mail® for your business or organization, you have to make sure that you reach every prospect effectively. What does “effectively” mean? It means that your offer produces the desired results – whether it is an office visit, call or click to your website, or direct sale. Realize that your prospects receive marketing messages virtually everywhere they go, and that you need to stand out from the masses. There are several ways to do this, and improve your results. Here are a few:

1. Use the power of TEAMWORKevery door direct mail tips
Let’s be honest. Nobody will ever know the ins-and-outs of your business as well as you do. You can highlight the key considerations, potential issues, and selling points related to your products or services, better than anyone else. While this is true, you must communicate that information to your graphic designer to get the best results. The creative professionals (designers, marketing reps, etc) must have a solid fundamental understanding of “what works” for your business, as well as be well-versed in the challenges you face. Through teamwork, you can dramatically improve your results and ROI with any marketing campaign — especially with Every Door Direct Mail®.

2. Use the power of a good headline
The headline is the first thing the recipient will see when they receive your mail. This headline will usually determine if the person will continue reading the mail, or if it will be discarded or used to swat at pesky bugs. You have to understand the power of a good headline so that you can design effective postcards and flyers. The headline should contain a combination of triggers that drive human response mechanisms — such as alarming, persuasive, provocative, time-sensitive, benefit-oriented, and others. You can use the headline to capture the attention of the prospect, while informing them about an issue, offer, or cause that is important to them. This is direct response marketing 101.

3. Use the power of testimonials
People always want to know the experiences of others (ever read an Amazon.com testimonial?). One of the best ways to make your postcard or flyer more effective is by including testimonials. “I lost 10 lbs. in 2 weeks,” “Chopping vegetables has never been easier,” …and the list goes on. Readers are more likely to believe the word of someone else, who is like them, than they are to believe you as the service provider. By including “real” stories, you can connect to the readers on a personal level and it helps to build credibility as well. By engaging with the prospects on an emotional level, you will get their attention. When the readers know how others are benefiting from the service, they are able to relate more easily, and will desire the same experience.

When you decide to use EDDM®,  realize that only direct mail physically delivers your message right into the hands of prospects. This direct approach is what makes advertising mail so popular, across virtually all industries. With minimal effort, and the inclusion of fundamental marketing best practices, your postcards and flyers can generate massive returns.

Good luck and happy marketing!


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