6 Takeout Menu Printing and Design Tips

6 Takeout Menu Printing and Design Tips

While it is common for restaurant owners to develop and produce their own takeout menus, the negative impact it can have on business usually isn’t fully understood until it’s too late.

Recently, we published a new eBook titled, Menus That Sell, which describes this practice as a “profitability death sentence.”
So how can you get more out of your takeout menus and steer clear of any financial issues?
Easy, just follow these 6 Takeout Menu Printing and Design Tips:

1. Focus on Your Products
takeout menu printing
Your takeout menu is not just a list of items and prices. It is who you are, and what you do. To the average customer, a poorly designed menu equals a poorly run restaurant — even if you have the best food in the world. Only design and print professional-grade, full-color takeout menus that position your products in the best light possible.
2. Hire a Designer
Do you really want a low-budget black and white menu floating around, constantly reminding consumers of how little effort you put into your presentation? The answer should always be “No”. Hire a professional designer and menu printing company to turn your takeout menu into the 8th Wonder of the World. The food photography should be mouth-watering, the descriptions — irresistable, and the over presentation pleasant and sales-driven. Remember, when prospective customers are reading your menu — they want to order. All you have to do is give them a reason to order from you (and not competitors)!
3. Focus on Food, Benefits — Not Price!
Know your food costs, know your recipes, and develop pricing that is profitable and acceptable to your customer demographic. If you charge high dollar prices, make sure customers are aware of the top-grade ingredients you use. Communicate the level of quality you provide without focusing on the price. Instead, shift the focus off of the price and onto the food through photos, offers, benefits (fast delivery, etc), and content.
4. Use “Price Rounding” to Your Advantage.
As noted in the Menus That Sell eBook, by switching your price points from fives (ie: $9.95) to nines (ie: $9.99), a restaurant that sells 2,500 items per week will add $5,200 in revenue each year with no added expense. Additionally, items less than $5 should feature increments of $.29, $.59, $.79, $.99. Items more than $5 should feature increments of $.49, $.99.
5. Include Coupons, Special Offers
Use coupons that increase profitability and sales — not reduce them! Create combination deals (bundling) to drive higher average ticket sizes, offer more value, and increase profitability. There is not one customer on Earth who doesn’t want a great deal. Use this universal truth to your advantage.
6. Mail Your Menus, Use Every Door Direct Mail
It’s simple. Every home and business, within your service area, should receive a copy of your newly updated menu and offers, every quarter. In other words, update and mail your menu every 90 days. Building relationships is about engagement and communication. Nothing will remind local prospects about your restaurant, and boost order volumes, more effectively than mailing out your takeout menus — which are now designed to sell.
Bonus Tip – use Every Door Direct Mail to print and mail your takeout menus for as low as $0.30 per home (including postage and delivery)!


Good luck and happy marketing!


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