Elder Law Attorneys: How to Use Every Door Direct Mail

Elder Law Attorneys: How to Use Every Door Direct Mail

By: Chris BarrElder Law Practice

Elder Law Attorneys, Listen Up…

The United States Postal Service hit a home-run with small business owners by developing the Every Door Direct Mail program. In short, the EDDM program enables advertisers (Elder Law practices for example) to mail postcards or flyers to every mailbox in a target area — without mailing lists, labels, or headaches.

Here’s how it works:

  • ZIP Codes are divided into postal carrier routes.
  • A postal carrier route is a fancy name for a “group of streets” that the mail is delivered to.
  • Most ZIP Codes contain anywhere from five to twelve carrier routes.
  • With EDDM, you can hand-pick the carrier routes where you want your postcards or flyers delivered, and avoid any routes which you think are a poor fit for your services.

By using this method, you avoid the need for mailing lists, ink-jetting, tabbing, and other costly mailing services. Instead, you simply choose the postal routes — and the USPS delivers your offer to “every door” within those targeted routes.

Even better, you get discounted postage rates for using the EDDM service — it’s faster, easier, more targeted, more effective, and it saves you money.

Talk about a great deal.

Quick Design & Marketing Tips…

When designing your EDDM postcard or flyer, as an advertisement, ensure that the images on them and the colors represent your practice and industry. Build confidence and make your message easily associated with legal services for elder law purposes. This should be followed by a benefit-driven headline that will attract attention, generate immediate response, and provide real value to potential clients. You can offer free consultations, invite prospects to a dinner seminar, or perhaps encourage them to call you to learn about changing laws that may affect them.

The Easiest Way to Test…

If you haven’t already tried EDDM, you can do so in less than ten minutes, with one simple online order. Head over to EveryDoorDirectMail.com and register a free account. From there, you can use U-Select (the powerful online mapping tool) to effortlessly target the postal routes in your area. As you select the routes, the mapping tool will give you an instant tally of the number of mailboxes in each area. This make it easy to plan an affordable campaign.

Once your postal routes are selected, you can choose a print product option such as a postcard, flyer, or newsletter that you wish to mail. As a bonus, you can choose from FREE design templates, upload your own artwork (PDF files), or order professional design service at discounted rates (as low as $100) to get the most out of your direct mail campaign.

Once you have made your selections, you can submit your order, directly through the website, and the entire process is managed for you for one flat-rate per piece.

Reach thousands of prospective clients, with little to no effort, using a method that puts your offer directly into the hands of local residents.

The power of EDDM is substantial – get started today!


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