Every Door Direct Mail Pays Off for Chiropractors

Every Door Direct Mail Pays Off for Chiropractors

By: Chris Barrchiropractic direct mail

The popularity of chiropractic treatments, and non-invasive procedures, has led to an increase in the number of clinics opening around the country. While some of the clinics are busy, others face the risk of closure due to lack of business.

So why do some DCs thrive, while others fail? A successful business learns how to attract new patients through effective marketing techniques, and actively does so. An unsuccessful practice relies on walk-ins, forms of marketing that are subject to fierce competition (ie: online ads), or simply does nothing at all. The old saying, “any decision is better than indecision,” applies to DC marketing as well.

This brings us to the subject of Every Door Direct Mail, a wildly popular small business marketing vehicle.

Planning the campaign

Direct mail is most successful with careful planning. As with all forms of direct marketing, the first step is defining the offer or goal. It is important for the practice to define how the service will help patients immediately, and explain why the prospects should visit the clinic in the form of benefits. The marketing must appeal to the potential patient demographic in the target area.

For example, a DC located in a Florida retirement community may want to focus on a message such as: “Get Back on the Golf Course, Eliminate Pain Without Surgery!”

EDDM can be a very effective tool due to the wide reach it provides, discounted postage rates, and ease of getting started. Most importantly, EDDM delivers large, full-color offers directly into the hands’ of prospective patients.

Selling the service

Chiropractic direct mail is a good opportunity to inform prospects about health benefits, improvements to quality of living, and success stories from current patients. By including testimonials from current patients, the chiropractor can give an idea to potential patients about what they can expect. You must personalize the service, eliminate fear and anxiety, and become the “friendly neighborhood DC”. Your passion for chiropractic, dedication to patients, and true concern for the well-being of others should shine bright.

When sending the Every Door Direct Mail offers, the goal or objective should be to get people to take action. In order to get the desired response, the message has to be brief and yet effective. By hiring professionals to  help target, design, print, and mail – your campaign will build your credibility, generate revenue, and be as cost-effective as possible in terms of ROI.

Try Every Door Direct Mail today, and increase new patient acquisition tomorrow.


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