Elder Law Attorneys: How Every Door Direct Mail Boosts Revenue

Elder Law Attorneys: How Every Door Direct Mail Boosts Revenue

By: Chris Barr
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The total saturation of marketing emails and digital communications has produced a very interesting byproduct – super-effective direct mail ads. Coupled with lower-than-ever direct mail rates, the authority of communicating via the USPS, and the powerful impact of delivering a postcard directly into a prospect’s hands, direct mail is always a smart decision for law practices.

When it comes to elder law services, attorneys need to cast the widest net possible in terms of reaching households. In many cases, attorneys wish to reach the middle-aged children of those in need of elder care services. This is where Every Door Direct Mail, a discounted USPS direct marketing solution, provides tremendous value.

Using EDDM, attorneys can deliver beautiful, full-color postcards, flyers, or newsletters to “every door” in targeted areas. In other words, attorneys can mail offers to every household around their practice – without ads from competitors – for next to nothing.

Some elder law firms promote their association with the National Elder Law Foundation (NELA), some take on pro-bono work while generating revenue from other clients, and others use direct mail to generate leads through informational seminars.

Reaching prospects everywhere
EDDM ensures that your postcards, flyers, or newsletters reach the intended prospects without fail. Since EDDM is a USPS program, your mailers will deliver via your local Post Office.

Postcards, flyers, newsletters, and more
Every Door Direct Mail provides for a large range of options in direct mail ad formats. From over-sized postcards to giant, folded newsletters – the options are many.

Delivers your message directly
It’s easy to ignore emails, turn off the radio, and “tune-out” other forms of digital communications. However, there is no way to avoid direct mail offers. When your message is physically in a prospective clients’ hands they are forced to decide, “Do I want this?” or not. That is powerful marketing.

Have you thought about using Every Door Direct Mail to promote your Elder Law practice?

Learn more at www.everydoordirectmail.com, it’s fast, easy, and affordable.


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