Car Dealers Abandon Marketing Lists, Now Use Every Door Direct Mail

Car Dealers Abandon Marketing Lists, Now Use Every Door Direct Mail

By: Chris Barr

Many dealership marketers have realized that the ultra-targeted marketing lists do not always equal sales. Instead, dealerships are making the switch to a broader form ocar dealership eddmf targeted marketing dubbed Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

EDDM is a USPS program that enables dealerships (and any type of business for that matter) to deliver oversized postcards and flyers, to every home in a target area, at extremely low rates.

You mask find yourself asking an important question: “How is mailing to every home a type of targeted marketing?”

The answer is simple. Most neighborhoods and postal routes in the U.S. consist of homes with similar values, median income levels, and demographics.

In other words, if a home located at “1200 Main Street” is a customer at your dealership, it’s a safe bet that the home at “1201 Main Street” is a good fit too. Nearly every single-family home will purchase a new or used vehicle at some point. It is a good idea to connect with these local prospects, at a medium to high frequency, to engage them, build your brand, and convert them into paying customers.

As you likely know, dealership direct marketing is all about offers and events – not ink-jetted names on a postcards. It takes excitement, great offers, and exceptional values to get people on the lot and move metal. With Every Door Direct Mail, you can accomplish the same thing as with a costly mail list – while improving your reach, and potentially, your ROI.

The introduction of Every Door Direct Mail has come as a welcomed relief for businesses looking for an effective and yet affordable marketing system.

Never miss a sale
The straightforward nature of direct mail might offend some digital marketing evangelists, but no one can argue with its effectiveness. Car dealers are abandoning marketing lists in favor of the more convenient and cost effective EDDM program, as part of a larger marketing mix. With EDDM, dealers can reach a wider audience, while spending less and selling more. The ability to reach every household in a specific area means that even those prospects who the professional marketers overlook, can now be reached. Remember, even the most targeted marketing lists aren’t perfect – one or more would-be-customers will likely be missed when using a mailing list.

Smart marketers realize that you have to consider the long-term results rather than the upfront costs. Designing the mailer and sending it to thousands of households might seem like a costly venture, but it is clear that both short-term and long-term ROI makes this a worthwhile expense. It is also important to note that EDDM postage is cheaper than the cost of regular or first class postage. EDDM deliveres the benefits of direct mail marketing without the huge price tag.

Communicate and grow
While advertising is mainly about driving immediate action, it also provides additional benefits. It build credibility for your dealership, it generates awareness, it gives your dealership a “voice and identity”, and it plants the seeds for future sales in those prospects who are not currently within a buying cycle.

Appeal to buyers, sellers, and more
For direct mail to be successful, it has to appeal to the recipients. The main reason why charity organizations manage to use direct mail so effectively is that they appeal to the emotions of those who receive the mail. The communication feels more personal and direct than other forms of marketing and the car dealers can use the same appeal to get customers. Imagine that prospect who is yearning for a new vehicle (and dreaming of it day and night). What could be more effective than delivering a physical postcard featuring gorgeous new vehicles, into their hands?

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