Every Door Direct Mail: Marketing for Elder Law Attorneys

Every Door Direct Mail: Marketing for Elder Law Attorneys

By: Chris Barr

elder law marketing

Elder law attorneys often explore marketing strategies that will engage prospective clients and help them to express the value of their legal services. From existing law strategy, to proposed changes within the legal system, elder law attorneys often find the biggest marketing challenge is simply communicating these ideas with prospects.

As such, many attorneys have turned their focus to Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), a USPS program that enables cost-effective mass direct mail campaigns. EDDM is very affordable, works at a high speed, and usually outperforms all other advertising platforms in the legal world.

Virtually every family has individuals affected by elder law regulations, so it is wise to reach as many homeowners, as directly as possible – for the lowest rates.

Here are 2 simple tips to get the most out of your Every Door Direct Mail campaign:

1. Design & Printing Postcards or Flyers

Design has to be done in a professional manner, period. An attorney must look the part in order to generate leads and drive revenue increases. Amateurish design or print-quality may have a negative impact on your credibility, practice, and earnings potential moving forward. Remember, your printed collateral, when mailed via EDDM, will be the mode of communication between the prospective client and the law firm. Therefore, the appearance should be catchy, confident, professional, and positioned to drive immediate action from the prospect.

2.Focus on Your Client Demographic

Your print offers must be designed to impact the targeted prospect. If your typical client is a middle-aged male professional, who is concerned about his parents, don’t show imagery of young children or middle-aged women. Also, consider the median income level of your clients. You don’t want your offer to be “too expensive” or “too cheap” in appearance. Cast the widest net possible to generate the maximum return on investment.

Target prospective clients in your area today at http://www.everydoordirectmail.com/Step1-Target.aspx


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