Every Door Direct Mail Tips For Lawn Services

By: Chris Barr

The Every Door Direct Mail service is the most small-business-friendly marketing solution in the U.S. The program was launched a few years ago by the United States Postal Service and has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the landscaping and lawn care service industry.

Using the EDDM program, lawn services can deliver postcards or flyers to every household, in specific geographical location, at a much lower cost than traditional direct mail. Advertising is now easier than ever before and many landscapers and lawn services are reaping the benefits.

Here are some tips to get the most from your EDDM campaign:

Value Instant Recognition

By designing a flyer that has images or language associated with the business, the business can get instant recognition. The reader will be able to tell that it is a lawn service at the first glance, and this can trigger the need for the service. When you send such a flyer in the mail, the homeowner will instantly think of the work that they need done on the property. If you run a lawn service, make the mailer look the part.

Largest Size Possible = Most Sales Possible

To ensure effectiveness, it is important to choose the largest size of flyer possible with EDDM. There are regulations about the maximum size and it is important to go for this maximum. When you print a large flyer, you can get more information and details on the available space. Large flyers tend to grab more attention than smaller ones and the last thing you need is for your message to be ignored. With the large size, you even have more space to include a coupon or two.

Use Full-Color

Just a few years back, a survey was conducted on random mail recipients. Nearly every single person surveyed preferred full-color ads over everything else. A full-Color design will help to ensure that you get the attention you desire. Color experts say that different colors evoke certain emotions and there are those that instantly attract people. You need to know which colors are most suitable for your business (green, yellow, orange, brown). Use colorful images that will have the potential customers reaching for your flyer. Images can help to sell your landscaping services and a picture of a beautiful green lawn or a colorful garden can be very effective.

Important Information

When designing your flyer, do not forget to include vital information. Your beautiful images will not do you much good if the potential customers do not know where or how to reach you. Include information such as the extent of the landscaping services you provide. While providing important details, avoid crowding the flyer with too much information.

To make sure that you present your business in the best possible light, it is important to get the services of a professional designer. This will help to ensure that your flyers are effective. If the budget does not allow for professional design, use a professionally-design – but FREE – template available at EveryDoorDirectMail.com.

So what are you waiting for? Start a lawn service EDDM program today!


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  1. Up to 5,000 mailpieces in a given Zip Code in a day. That means you can reach homeowners that you don’t have contact information for! That is a pretty huge reach without having any of the information that you normally need to send direct mail.

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