Every Door Direct Mail Tips For Franchise Owners

By: Chris Barr

Every Door Direct Mail is a service that delivers powerful print offers via the USPS,  directly to your prospective local customers. The service offers franchise owners (and all small business owners) access to potential customers without the need for costly mailing lists and the expenses of ink-jetting, addressing, prepping, etc. Franchise owners can benefit from EDDM by reaching thousands of local prospects, leveraging the franchise’ brand recognition, and saving a small fortune on direct mail production and postage costs.

Revenue generation

Many franchise owners face the unique challenge of trying to develop a marketing campaign that is direct and effective, for their specific location or region, while also being affordable. By sending mail to potential customers in the local neighborhood, the franchisee can see an increase in sales and revenue, literally overnight. This marketing system is different from other methods because of the easy mailing process. The fact that the business does not have to create or buy mailing lists gives the business owner a lot of peace of mind while also ensuring it falls within budget.

Targeted marketing

Every franchisee has a target audience or market that they want to reach. With U-Select, the online mapping tool at EveryDoorDirectMail.com, the franchisee can “point and click” on a local area map to select where they want offers delivered. Franchisees do not have to target an entire ZIP Code or city. Instead, they can choose parts of each ZIP Code and get very specific as to where they want their offers in mailboxes. This makes it easy to avoid any non-service areas, without wasting advertising dollars.

3. The advertising materials

Franchise owners often use different marketing techniques to reach their audience. With the EDDM system, the business owners can deliver different advertising materials including brochures, postcards, flyers, restaurant menus and more. The creative possibilities are endless (that is, unless corporate says “No”)

It really is satisfying to design a direct mail piece, and watch the results come in — sale, after sale, after sale.

4. Designing the materials

To get the best results from the advertising, businesses have to put a lot of thought into the design. At the end of the day, the recipients will choose whether or not to read the mail, based on the first impression. When it comes to mail marketing, it is very important to send out a product that will make the audience want to read the message. Fortunately, even those who do not have graphic design experience can get the best results by hiring a professional designer. Even better, most franchisees have access to corporate-approved creative, which is often ready to mail, right out of the box.

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