Every Door Direct Mail for Car Dealership Sales Events

Every Door Direct Mail for Car Dealership Sales Events

By: Chris Barr

Selling cars in the current economy is not always easy (although the recent trends are very encouraging). People are more careful with every coin they spend and they are constantly looking for the best deal.

According to a survey conducted by AutoMD.com, a poll of nearly 4,000 respondents intend to keep their cars 10 years or longer.

Car dealerships have to come up with creative ways to market their and sell their vehicles, service options, and add-ons. By going directly to the customers through Every Door Direct Mail, the dealerships has the best chance of getting customers onto the lots. There is no better way to generate awareness overnight, and move metal, than by mailing offers directly into the hands’ of prospective buyers and sellers. Car Dealership EDDM

Car sales events

The best way to get the attention of potential customers is by making them an irresistible offer. Everyone loves the idea of a sale, and when you organize sales events, you can be sure of getting attention with the right mix of fun, entertainment, and family-friendly car shopping experience. Buying a car is a huge investment and people will always look for the best deal. Even those who were not planning to buy a car soon visit sales events because they cannot resist the idea that they can get a great deal!

Competitive pricing

Most car buyers visit different car dealerships looking for the most competitive prices. This can be a costly and time-consuming process because it can mean travelling to different far-flung locations. When you hold a sales event, you provide a vital service to the customers. Just look at the latest CarMax campaign — they are promoting “Start Here First” to combat the price-shopping trend.

When you send direct mail to the prospective customers informing them about the sale, you are telling them to skip the process of comparison-shopping and come directly to you. You can stay ahead of the competition and draw in more customers with direct mail marketing.

Used car sales

Research has shown that most people today are opting to buy used cars. People have realized they can get a vehicle in good condition at much lower prices. Many car dealerships sell used cars to target this large market. Unfortunately, many people still do not know that a used car can look and run as good as a new one. Even better, you may be able to find customers with profitable trade-ins.

Many car dealers sell more during major sales events than at any other time. It is well worth the effort to organize the event and promote it with EDDM.

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