Dental Practice Marketing 101: Using Every Door Direct Mail

Dental Practice Marketing 101: Using Every Door Direct Mail

By: Chris Barr

Thanks to the massively-popular Every Door Direct Mail program from the USPS, dental practices are re-discovering the beauty of direct mail. This powerful form ofDental EDDMcommunication that was put on the “back burner” during the initial internet marketing craze, has once again become the most trusted source of new patient acquisition.

The fact that dentists have realized they are not getting the results they expected from email marketing, or Google ads, has led to the change of direction. Many small business owners have realized that the tried and tested direct mail method is still the best option out there. With this in mind, there are several ways to ensure that Every Door Direct Mail works for your dental practice.

1. Targeting the ideal market

It is very important to target the right people so that your marketing efforts can be successful. Many dental offices have used direct mail, but not all of them are successful. Those who did not get the intended results may have failed to understand the local market, used poor CTAs (cal to action), or used ineffective messaging. If you want to be successful in your local area, you need to reach the homes within your service area range, and know how to communicate with prospective patients. Start with your top-performing neighborhoods, and remember to address the prospects’ natural reluctance to visit a dentist. Keep the focus on the benefits.

2. Geography and demographics

When trying to reach a specific audience, you have to think about both the geography and the demographics. If you are running a children’s dental clinic, it will not do you much good to target a geographical area where there are very few kids. You need to look at the locations where there are young families are located (perhaps surrounding schools, etc). If you are a cosmetic dentist, you need to look at areas with people of a certain median income or home value.

3. Make an attractive offer

The best way to attract patients is by offering something different. Come up with a great offer that will grab the attention of your audience. Most people fear making dental visits because of the high costs. When you are competing with other practices in the same area, you should consider offering incentives that will attract your “typical patient” demographic. When you get people in for the first visit, you can offer helpful services that will also ensure that they keep coming back.

The secret for successful direct mailing is to keep at it. Repetition is essential in marketing and you can keep your dental practice thriving through constant communication with current and prospective clients. Consistency is the best way to ensure that you achieve long-term positive results. Familiarity will help to ensure that people trust your brand (every dentist is their own personal brand!) and when you have a great offer, you can expect a very busy appointment schedule.

Try Every Door Direct Mail, today!


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