Car Dealership Marketing: Sell More Cars With Every Door Direct Mail

Car Dealership Marketing: Sell More Cars With Every Door Direct Mail

Car dealerships spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on direct mail advertising. It is an essential marketing strategy for any type of business where you want to attract new clients.

A successful dealership GM or owner knows the importance of an effective marketing strategy in driving sales (no pun intended). More importantly, the marketing strategy must be able to scale in terms of providing future revenue growth potential. The use of Ever Door Direct Mail offers a great opportunity for every car dealership to keep in touch with existing customers and bring new customers onto the lot.

At the end of the day, you can’t sell vehicles without people on the lot, or without leads on the phone/website. To attract these new buyers and generate an immediate sales boost – direct mail is king. It becomes even more important in a highly competitive industry like the new and used car space. There are thousands of car dealerships around the country, and yet while some thrive, many struggle to move enough metal to pay the bills or expand.

Car Dealership EDDM

Budget friendly marketing
Car dealerships have significant marketing budgets, but that doesn’t mean they can waste ad dollars. In most cases, dealerships can use EDDM marketing for a fraction of their total marketing budget and ensure that “every” prospect is contacted. Every Door Direct Mail flyers can be used to inform new and existing customers about the availability of low interest car loans, affordable vehicle parts, and the availability of new or used vehicles.

Generating new sales

By using direct mail, dealerships can generate more sales by reaching potential customers who are not in the company database. The way to enhance sales is by reaching out to new customers – aggressively. Your existing customers cannot buy a new car every month so you have to find ways to reach more people. When you are running a car dealership, you can never be satisfied with having a fixed but small loyal customer base. You need to generate more sales and that means getting in new customers. Direct mail provides this ability, literally overnight.

Fast and efficient

Targeting the right audience is key for any successful car dealership campaign. An EDDM campaign is fast, affordable, and effective, which is essential when you are promoting an event or advertising a sale. Using a large postcard, you can inform the recipients about any event or service that you have as soon as the mailers deliver into homes. Think about it, thousands of high-powered offers, delivering to entire neighborhoods, literally overnight. The impact is significant.

By delivering the message directly into the hands of potential customers in your target market, you can be sure that the information you want to pass on has been received.

Remember, if you don’t give consumers a reason to call, click, or visit — they probably won’t.

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