3 Ways Pizza Shops Can Use Every Door Direct Mail To Increase Sales

3 Ways Pizza Shops Can Use Every Door Direct Mail To Increase Sales

By: Chris Barr

EDDM Pizza Menu

There is intense competition between pizza restaurants, and new locations open up every day across the country. It is even more difficult for new small businesses that are trying to compete with the national pizza chains.

Luckily,  pizza businesses have the perfect solution in Every Door Direct Mail. By using this United States Postal Service program, your business can send out pizza menus and specials to all the local residents in your service area — for less than ever before. Here are a few ways to increase sales and get more ROI from your EDDM campaigns. are trying to compete with large chains. For the new businesses to survive in a fiercely competitive market, they need to attract a loyal following and grow their customer base.

1. Creating awareness

For any food business to be successful, it is important to create awareness. If people do not know about the new pizza shop, they are not likely to patronize it. Many pizza restaurants fail to grow, and even close shop after a few months, because the operators do not know the best ways to reach potential customers. Most business owners imagine that it is costly to advertise and they avoid it. By using the EDDM, these businesses can reach a wide audience at a very low cost. Even better, it literally takes less than 10 minutes to target, produce, and launch an EDDM campaign online at EveryDoorDirectMail.com.

Reaching local residents

Many business owners do not know the number of people living in their local neighborhood(s) and this lack of awareness affects their ability to make an impact when it comes to marketing decisions. When you do not know the true size of the market in your area, you cannot have a successful marketing campaign. The Every Door Direct Mail system has a list of all the resident homes, businesses, and po boxes in a particular area, and by using this list, the pizza business can send out menus and coupons to every home in the neighborhood.

Using modern technology

Any pizza business in the country can use technology to reach a wide audience. By accessing the online mapping tool at EveryDoorDirectMail.com, a business can look at a detailed map of the local area(s) and create a plan. This helps when mapping out the best route to deliver the advertising materials. The business can ensure that the campaign is successful by simply “clicking” onto the desired mailing areas. By using technology to enhance traditional mailing methods, business owners can benefit from the best of both worlds ensuring an increased ROI.

The EDDM program allowspizza businesses to design customized advertisements at no extra costs, using FREE templates available online.  The low cost of this marketing system helps the small businesses to compete effectively with large chains. What could be easier than reaching every home in your area, with less than ten minutes of work, while a professional direct mail company does all of the heavy-lifting for you.

Sell more pizza with Every Door Direct Mail.


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