3 Every Door Direct Mail Tips For Medical Practices

3 Every Door Direct Mail Tips For Medical Practices

By: Chris Barr

When you want to reach a large group of prospective patients effectively, direct mail is the perfect option. Thanks to the Every Door Direct Mail program, you can nowMedical EDDM Postcard reach your target market without going through the trouble (or expense) of purchasing mailing lists and paying for mail-prep and high postage rates.

There are several competing medical practices in every given area, and so without an effective marketing campaign, it is hard for any practice to acquire new patients. If you are trying to gain market share in a defined geographical area, Every Door Direct Mail is the best option. Follow these “quick tips” to ensure that your campaign is effective.

Designing the postcard

It is important to choose a design that will get the attention of your target audience. The colors and images you use will go a long way in getting the attention you want. You need to be careful about the images you select and remember that most people do not want to see shocking graphics. I’ve actually seen doctors show off new x-ray or lab equipment that, while expensive and impressive, looks scary to prospects. It is enough to know that you are a well-liked and established doctor — without offering images of the medical conditions you deal with! People prefer to think about the positive outcome of the doctors’ visit. Choose vibrant colors and positive images that evoke life and good health.

Using testimonials

It is a good idea to include testimonials from current patients on the direct mail piece. People always want to hear testimonials of satisfied patients who are “just like me” as it provides reassurance that they are making a sound decision. They believe that if someone else was happy with the service, they are also likely to feel the same way. The testimonials do not have to be lengthy, just a few words expressing the clients experience and feelings.

Clear and concise

A very important tip when designing the mailer is to keep it short and sweet. People do not spend much time reading postcards they receive the mail. If all they see is a cluttered card with a lot of information, they are likely to ignore it.

Choose what you want to say carefully, and be informative, without offering too many details. The goal of the marketing is to get the attention of the potential patients. You can answer all the questions they have when they call to schedule an appointment.

Ever Door Direct Mail is a very effective communication tool and you should take the opportunity to give your audience a glimpse into your practice. It is a good idea to include something personal like adding some pictures of the staff. People often want to know whom they are dealing with.

Try Every Door Direct Mail today, and bring in new patients tomorrow.


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