Every Door Direct Mail and the Amazing Power of Coupons

Every Door Direct Mail and the Amazing Power of Coupons

By: Chris Barr

Coupons: Still Going Strong 100 Years Later

Back in the 1890s, a small company named Coca-Cola issued a coupon for one free bottle of their new beverage. Many people believe this was the first coupon ever created. With this brilliant marketing idea, prospective customers were converted into lifelong Coke drinkers, and one of the most successful companies in the world was born.

Fast forward to the present day and you will find that the U.S. coupon industry has exploded.  Consumers spend approximately $3.5 billion worth of coupons per year.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the effectiveness and popularity of coupons among consumers. Check out these additional facts about coupon usage in the U.S.:

  • 3 out of 4 people use or have used coupons
  • Nearly 50% of all companies use coupons as part of their marketing mix
  • 1 in 5 coupons are redeemed online – that’s 20%!

Coupon Use by Industry:
Every Door Direct Mail Coupons

Coupon Distribution, Now Easier Than Ever

Direct Mail Coupons

With modern technologies, and access to affordable design, printing, and direct mail services via the web, even the smallest mom n’ pop business owners can use bulkcoupon distribution.

There is no better example of coupon-based marketing than Every Door Direct Mail®, a smash-hit USPS® program for business advertisers.

According to the official USPS website, “… with Every Door Direct Mail®, you can reach the customers who matter most to your business – in nearby neighborhoods – and you don’t even need to know names or street addresses. Simply identify the neighborhoods you want to target and your printed pieces are delivered to the active addresses in your target area.”

In other words, business advertisers can choose their coupon distribution areas by neighborhoods or local geo-targeted areas, without paying for mailings lists, mailing services, or envelopes.

Instead, advertisers choose their mailing areas and pay a discounted postage rate. A week or two later, thousands of potential customers receive coupons in their mailboxes, and the advertisers typically generates a substantial sales boost, virtually overnight.

The simplicity and affordability of the EDDM® program has led to its widely-publicized success, and its growing adoption rates among both national chains and the small business community.

EDDM® Quick Facts:

  • No mailing list required
  • No mailing services or ink-jetting required
  • Coupons deliver to every residential, business (optional), and PO Box (optional) mailbox
  • Target prospective customers by postal route (specific geographic areas) online
  • Discounted postage rates as low as $0.149 per piece
  • Mail giant full-color flyers, postcards, coupons, newsletters, and more
  • EDDM can be ordered online*, at www.EveryDoorDirectMail.com
    *All-inclusive service. Include design template, printing, USPS prep work, postage, and delivery.

Coupons = Sales (and Smart Business)

Across the web, there are countless stories from small business owners who have used coupons and EDDM® to drive sales. From the landscaper in VA who generated $130K off of a $3K investment, to the car wash location who received 1,800 coupon redemptions, there is no doubt that coupon marketing really works.

The idea of “added value” in advertising is timeless. From the 1890s to 2013, not much has changed since that first Coca-Cola offer delivered to consumers. Even with all of society’s technological progress, a coupon is still a coupon, and sales are still sales. The only difference? Coupons now work online too.



2 thoughts on “Every Door Direct Mail and the Amazing Power of Coupons

  1. People say that Direct Mail and services of this kind are declining and no longer relevant in the internet age, but I think this couldn’t be further from the truth! Mailing Services like these make so much of a difference to a marketing campaign and can be a lot more personal than an email!

  2. Nice!! Yeah its amazing to see that through EDDM mailing program the recipient can receive the mail directly at their door with ease. Another benefit of this is its prices are reasonable which make this more attractive. Keep up the good work.

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