Every Door Direct Mail from the USPS Can Help Every Small Business

Every Door Direct Mail from the USPS Can Help Every Small Business

EDDM Program Helps Small Business Owners Generate Cash

By: Chris Barr

One year after launching, small business owners and advertisers have mailed more than 10 million postcards, flyers, and coupons via EveryDoorDirectMail.com. The hassle-free (EDDM) direct mail program has been widely-praised by the small business community, as it has provides “mom and pop” retailers and service providers with access to the direct mail tactics used by national chains.

This innovative service from the USPS, which has been further streamlined by the private sector, proves that directmail isn’t going anywhere. In fact, direct mail is a critical part of every integrated marketing campaign. It is the only medium that “forces” a consumers to handle offers directly.

Despite all of the beauty and advancements made in our ultra-connected society, traditional marketing still stands out, and generates serious cash flow. From my experience, tweets and social media rarely convert directly into sales. While digital communications are hugely important in engaging, keeping, and growing a customer base, when it comes to cash flow, direct mail remains king.

It’s easy to trash emails before reading the offer, radio ads can be tuned out, turned off, or ignored, and banner ads rarely do more than take up real estate across the web. Consumers who browse the mail tend to keep an eye open for coupons, and must handle the offer while actively deciding: “Do I want this or not?”

In a best case scenario, the advertiser will make a sale and increase the return on his investment. In the worst case scenario, the offer will be trashed or recycled — but, the advertiser may still benefit from the exposure, branding, and “authority” boost provided by mailing offers via the USPS.

A landscaper in Virginia recently brought in $120,000 worth of new business with one direct mail campaign to locally targeted homeowners via EveryDoorDirectMail.com.

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So the next time you stare at the phone in your office, hoping and praying for a sales call to magically generate, consider getting back to basics with a direct mail marketing campaign.

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