Who Doesn’t Like Free?

What one word will get the attention of a pack of consumers? FREE.  Anytime you say “free”, the majority of consumers will perk up and pay attention.  Who wouldn’t want something for nothing?  So when your tax service presents a free accounting consultation or a free tax filing for first time customers you will be able to gain more customers than if you were to present a percentage or dollar amount off.  Consumers are very financially conscious these days and when the word free is big and bold on your flyer, it won’t fail to gain attention.

For the upcoming tax season, interest new clients by offering something for free.  Something that is cost efficient for you to offer but something you are also able to collect their contact information.  You want to open a line of communication so that you can remain in contact with that customer.  This offers a way to build a relationship and the more times that you touch your customer, the more likely they will work with you.

As the time approaches for consumers to do their taxes, they want to file them with someone they can trust and once you have built that relationship with them, they know that you have their best interest at heart when it comes to getting the maximum return.

Offering something for free that is valuable versus offering a percentage off will definitely attract more clients because the perceived value for your offer is much higher.  If your client feels like they are getting a bargain for what you are offering, there’s no reason for them to not call about your services.  Your flyer has to boldly display your free offer so that you clients can see the value that you are offering at no cost to them.  Keep in mind, the better your offer, the more valuable you are than your competitor down the street.


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