Tax Flyers That Will Increase Clients

The tax season is fast approaching so the earlier you start on your marketing, the more prepared you will be for your clients.  When you want to get a head start on your competitors, the best way is to start early so you have time to tweak your marketing until it’s perfect.  You want to stay on top of your marketing to make the most out of any marketing collateral that you print or advertise with.

Your tax flyer has to convince clients to use your services, how are you better than your competitor or the tax filing software that is available?  Your clients need to see the value in what you offer and how you can relieve their stress for tax season.

The plan for the flyer that you want to distribute, the way to begin that process is to think about who you want to target so you can tweak which offers will appeal to which consumers.  Your flyer should pose as an information piece but also include an offer to initiate a call to action for you customer.  The key point to remember about advertising is: if you don’t give them a reason to call, they won’t.

A discount or free consultation for first time clients will be start as a great call to action.  This gives your clients a reason to call to take advantage of your special offer.  Also the other advantage of including a special offer is that you can gauge how your advertising is working.  If you are receiving a lot of calls, then keep doing what you’re doing but if you aren’t receiving calls, then maybe you need to tweak your offer or design to make it more valuable to your clients and eye catching.

So start advertising early so you can gain the most out of this tax season and increase your client base!


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