Original Brochures for Salon-Spas

For a salon-spa, you want to offer a relaxing and indulgent atmosphere.  When customers walk into your salon, you want them to feel welcome and immediately at ease from a long day.  That’s the reason that they are coming to you, to enjoy your quiet atmosphere and be surrounded by great people.

Not only does your location have to reflect this mood, but all of your marketing collateral as well.  Your price list will serve two purposes, list your pricing and reflect your business as a professional relaxation escape.  You want to convert interested customers to repeat customers.  They are coming in to take a look at what you offer and they have to be blown away by your quality and excellent staff.

Here are three tips to making your brochure reflect your business and wow your interested customers.


Keep your brochures clean.  Too much clutter will distract the eye and make it hard for your customers to read.  Cleanliness is the first thing people want to think when they walk into your salon and so your marketing material should reflect your cleanliness.  People want to know they will be pampered with sanitized equipment in a clean atmosphere.


A salon/spa is a place for your customers to clear their heads.  You want your brochure to give them that sense of leisure to get away from their daily hectic lives.  A professional brochure will often reflect the type of business that you run so keep it classy easy to read so that you customers feel more comfortable as soon as they look at your offerings.


Considering how salons and spas have been popping up everywhere as of recently, you want your salon to be like no other.  Be original and don’t conform to what other salons/spas are doing.  You want to stay up to date as to what they are doing but you want to make a name for your own to differentiate yourself.  Design your brochure with a theme in mind so that you can stick to your branding and your brochure will stand out from all the rest!


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