Optimize Your Tax Mailing Campaign

When you have tax preparation season so close around the corner, you want to start your mailing campaign early to optimize its results.  The best way to gain new customers is to “touch” them multiple times.  Touching refers to how many times (aka impressions) you reach out to your customers.  Direct mailing is great for that purpose.  If you have a particular area that you service, you can touch them with multiple mailings to gain the best results.

Your start off with a flyer.  Your first mailing of a flyer will be your first impression on your prospective customers.  That will display all of your services, introduce your business, and present your call to action.  This will initiate the connection that you will soon build on further with your prospective clients.  The idea of starting early is so that you clients will be ready to call you for your services and you will be ready to service them when they call.

Your next impression will be a large postcard that still displays most of the information from your flyer but this time it is a little more condensed.  You will still be providing the same information, just in a lesser form because your clients will already have your flyer with the complete information and your postcard will serve as a refresher.  Refresh their memory with what needs to be done to prepare for the upcoming tax season.

Your final impression will be a small postcard to remind your clients to not forget to file their taxes.  This will mainly be for those last minute filers.  Waiting until the last minute to file your taxes is not good for anyone, but you want to be able to gain their confidence in your services.  Let them know that you can relieve their stress and file their taxes quickly and accurately for the best returns and avoiding late fees.

With a seasonal business like tax preparation, you are able to do a small mailing campaign like this with three impressions because your peak busy season is only a few months long so your clients need to be reminded that tax season is quickly whipping around the corner.


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