Use Mini Coupon Booklets to Increase Sales

The way to increase sales in a particular shopping center is a group effort.  The different stores in that shopping center can all get together and construct a booklet of coupons that will promote shopping in that area.  The coupons included will compel customers to browse in the area and the shopping center will gain more awareness.  To make it worthwhile, all the stores in the center should pool in and put this coupon booklet together; and by doing that everyone can split the printing and shipping costs.

Even just a mini booklet will be a great tool.  Because of their small size, it makes them portable, and those who receive it can put it to good use if it is jam packed with great coupons.  Mini booklets can be cost efficient to print if everyone pitches in their part for the printing and shipping cost.  This makes the price per store much less so the more stores that are in on the deal, the less each store’s cost is.

Having all the coupons for one shopping center in one booklet makes it convenient.  By making it convenient for the customers to find the coupons top all the different stores, it will increase the traffic, and ultimately the sales, for the whole shopping center.

For a slow shopping center, before you do anything drastic, you have to figure out what it is that your shopping center is lacking compared to other shopping centers.  After you have established what the reason is, figuring out what to do to make your center booming again will be simple.  Mini-booklets can be the stepping stone to a great advertising campaign.  The more positive attention that you draw to your center, the more traffic you generate, and the more increase in sales you will receive.


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