Early Bird Gets the Worm

With the New Year right around the corner that means that tax season is also coming around as well.  For a tax preparation service, this is the time to start researching and looking into marketing for the big upcoming season.  What to keep in mind is that a lot of people will wait until the last minute to file their taxes, it’s up to you to inform your customers how imperative it is to file early to avoid the late fees.

As your business is gearing up for your big season again this year, you have to start planning your advertising campaigns to offer your services early.  If your customers sense the urgency in your flyer or postcard message, then they will feel the need to call and set up their appointment with you early to get started.  And also a special offer for those who response early won’t hurt your advertising either.

When you plan your copy, layout design, theme, and distribution of your flyer or postcard, the best thing to focus on at this time is “the early bird gets the worm”.  Emphasize the fact that filing early relieves stress and time crunching; the rate of receiving the return is faster so your clients can have their money back quicker to spend on the necessities or save.

In the month of January, you can start your creative design for your flyers or postcards and you can start targeting and mailing to your customers in February.  This gives your customers time to plan early and book their appointments with you to get their taxes in order to process.  Starting early is the key so not just your clients need to start early, your advertising for this season has to start early as well.  The earlier you start your advertising, the earlier your customers will realize how fast approaching the tax season is coming so they will act quickly to avoid any possible late charges.


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