Announce Your Diamond Sale with A Banner Stand

Do you own a jewelry store and have a big announcement that you want to make for your location so your customers will know?  A standing banner will easily be seen and your customers won’t be able to miss your big news!  Let your banner do the work of drawing in interested leads to your store, all you have to do is design, display, and promote!

Banner stands are great to use for an advertisement or announcement outside of your store to let your customers be aware of any news, for example, new jewelry lines that you will be carrying, a new location opening soon, or just a special promotion you want to have for the holidays.

Banners can be utilized for many different kinds of promotions; they can offer information, display a special offer, or promote an event.  Because they are larger, your customer won’t be able to miss it and your promotion won’t go unannounced.  The positioning of your banner will also affect how much attention that it gets.  If your store is in a shopping center, if you place your banner stand on the outside of your location, it will gain more visibility; from entering customers and customers just passing by.

Banners serve as prominent promotional items because they are big and are able to catch a lot of attention.  As much as you want your current customers to know of your news, you want prospective customers to be aware as well so they can take advantage of your great offer or see your good news! If your banner is visible to all, it is easier for you to attract more attention.

To increase your overall awareness, your banner stand has to do three things: stand out, offer important information (i.e. an offer or promotion), and intrigue customers to come to your store to shop.


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