The 3 M’s of Restaurant Marketing

As you open up your new pizzeria, what are the three staples that you need to push your business off the ground? The three M’s: menus, magnets, and mailings.  When you first open up, there is always challenges but you have to take in all those hardships of getting started and make them as profitable for you.


The main thing that you will need to market your pizzeria will be menus of course.  How would anyone know about your delicious slices if you don’t have a menu to present to them when they first come in?  Keep in mind that your first round of menus will need tweaking, it can always be improved and your menu pricing will eventually change due to food costs and other fluctuating costs.  When you first design and print your menu, it’s good to start with a small amount and gradually increase because within the first few rounds, there will be constant changes until you find a design and food item pricing that is most profitable to you.


Magnets are a small aspect of marketing but it can definitely be a great tool to start with.  When people come in or order from your pizzeria and love your food, you want them to have something that will always remind them of how great their meal was.  Pizza slice shaped magnets were meant for pizzerias.  They make your pizzeria stand out and memorable because when they take your magnet home and place it on their fridge, they will see it everyday so your magnet is a constant reminder of their great meal with you.


And how will you get the word out that you are opening soon?  Direct Menu Mailing.  When your opening is coming around the corner, you want to have your finalized menus in homes so that your prospective customers can review your food items before you open to plan their meal at your pizzeria.

You want to get off on the right foot so begin your marketing with the right tools to make your pizzeria a success!


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