Take Your Advertising to the Streets!

What if you could have a traveling advertisement that will spread the word about your services without you even meeting with a client?  For lawn and landscapers that offer snow plow services, utilizing a car magnet on your company truck is a great tool to display your information and catch interested customers while traveling.  This will expand your customer base and even if you’re just going from one job to another, you can display your contact information to generate possible leads.

The beauty of having a magnet on your car is that everyone is able to see it.  As you travel, your magnet will attract the attention of possible customers so the better it looks the more it leads it will generate.  Make sure your magnet is easy to read and professionally designed.  You don’t want to brand yourself with a poorly designed piece of marketing that will only hurt you by making you look less professional to your customers.

In the winter time, your lawn and landscape business can promote the snow plowing services on your car magnets.  To draw attention to your seasonal snow plow magnet, your magnet should be designed to reflect your seasonal offerings.  A car magnet is a moving advertisement and the better it looks and attracts people, the more leads you will generate.  With car magnets, as you travel, people will see that you offer snow plow services.  The more visibility that your vehicle gets, the more awareness you are gaining.

Before winter hits and your customers know that you offer those services, they can be ready to give you a call when their driveway is packed with snow.  As people see your vehicle and you receive calls people who want to be prepared for the cold weather, you can convert them from interested customers to first time customers eventually to loyal customers!


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