Keep Your Flyers Fresh

For any business you want to keep your advertising fresh but still maintaining the same theme.  Updating your advertising periodically will keep your customers interested.  You can maintain a constant theme so that your customer is familiar with your advertising but you want to keep up and revamp it so that it stay is always current.

For example, for contractors who want to advertise through flyers, they wouldn’t want to have a flyer that has outdated pictures or a special offer on a service that is no longer a big seller.  Every so often you have to update and revamp; no matter how much you want to stick with what you know, it’s a great business practice to periodically revamp your advertising.  Over time, your market will change so to keep up with it you have to renovate your marketing efforts.

Here are three tips for contractors to keep your flyers fresh for your customers.

1) Seasonal Themes

Depending on what time of year it is, you want your flyers to be up to date.  You don’t want to design a flyer that is geared towards Christmas with orange and green.  The theme of your flyer should reflect the season.  This gives the overall look and feel of your flyer to be more up to date.  You can always change up the colors and themes of your flyers and still provide the same useful and relevant information.

2) Update Information

Just like your target market will fluctuate, so should your products and services.  You want to stay on top of what the big selling services are to keep up with competition.  It’s always good to add in and feature more services that you have to provide.  And just like adding in more services, it is always smart to weed out the less selling services that are not profitable.  You want to keep up with the changing markets and demands so continuing to offer services that are costing you more to complete then your ROI is not worth your time.  Your flyer needs to reflect these changes and you have to feature those services that will be most profitable for you.

3) Update Pictures

In order to update your flyer fully, you have to use new pictures every few flyer revisions so that your customers are current on your projects.  Even just switching out pictures of recent jobs that you have accomplished, your customer will see the progress you are making and how professional you are.

To stay current with the fluctuating marketing trends, you have to update your advertising efforts every so often to keep up.  Don’t be left in the dust by your competition, stay on top of the fluctuating market trends.


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