Grand Opening Banners Increase Traffic

What’s a grand opening without a banner?  As you open your new retail store a banner should be out front that displays the date and grand opening special you want to feature.  To increase your foot traffic on your big day you want to broadcast it to everyone so you can have a great turnout!

Banners are great for announcements and when executed in conjunction with other marketing efforts, your retail location will definitely gain more traffic on the day of your opening.  As you advertise in other ways to announce your opening, your banner ill be the stationary marketing tool secured at your location.  You want people to see that your store will be arriving there soon and you want to create as much buzz for it as possible.

As people drive down the street or walk by, they can see by your banner that you will be joining the neighborhood.  Consumers spend 80% of their disposable income in a 5 mile radius of their home so the closer you are to a residential neighborhood, the better it will be for your business.

To increase the awareness for your new location, you have to do all that promote, promote, and promote!  Whether it is by mailers, banners, or both, you have to gain the most visibility to generate the best results for your opening day.

Mailers will benefit you in the direct mail sense and banners will add that extra push for the customers not in your mailing range.  As your big day approaches, your marketing efforts are that much more important.  By having one big banner on the outside of your  location, you can expand your visibility beyond your realm of mailing and you can attract more people at the same time.

Your banner out front will serve as a reminder for your interested customers and they will definitely keep your opening date in their calendar to come in and see what you have to offer.


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