Tackle Tax Season With Door Hangers

Have you ever thought of using door hangers for your tax service?  No? Well it’s an easy way to get your foot in the door, so to speak.  As the tax season approaches, your tax service can use door hangers to remind current clients to have their taxes filed early.  The three benefits of using door hangers for your tax clients are convenience, direct marketing, and it adds a personal touch to your advertisement.

By using door hangers, you directly target your clients new and current, to consult you for their upcoming taxes.  When you deliver your door hangers straight to your clients you are able to increase their visibility.  As they walk to their door, they can see your tax reminder hanging from the door knob and realize how fast the tax season is approaching.

Door hangers are convenient because your clients don’t have to go searching for you and wind up finding your competitor.  By distributing door hangers you are eliminating your prospective client’s search for other tax preparation companies.  Because they will see the door hanger as soon as they arrive home or open the door, your tax prep service will be more fresh in their mind.  You want them to avoid them having to go and search for information so by placing a unique advertisement directly on their door, you can reap the rewards of direct marketing.

The more personal that you make your door hangers, the easier it is for your customers to go with your services when tax prep season comes around.  Reaching out to customers on a personal level gives you more leverage than your competitor that doesn’t distribute personal advertisements.  Because you want to build a relationship with your customers, you want to show them how dedicated you are to obtain their business.


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