Repeat Orders for Pizzerias with Loyalty Cards

For pizzerias, what’s going to keep your customers coming back for more?  Loyalty cards.  When you offer a loyalty program like “Buy 9 pizzas, get the 10th Free” you are opening your doors and phones to more orders.  With the incentive of the free pizza your customers are more inclined to order more to work their way to that pizza.  So that just means more cash flow for your pizzeria, the more orders placed, the more revenue you are generating.

Loyalty cards increase repeat customers and orders.  So the more loyalty cards you pass out, the more repeat business you will have.  When you have a loyal customer who comes in every day, by giving them a loyalty card you reinforce their interest in your food items.

With current and loyal customers you can reinforce their love for your food and with new customers, you can introduce them to your food and keep them coming back in.  As you grow your customer base, your loyalty cards will become more popular.  The amount of loyalty cards that you pass out increases the amount of sales that you receive.

Your loyalty cards can be very successful if your customers feel that your incentive is enough to warrant more orders.  Any chance you get you want to increase the amount of orders that come your way.  By printing your loyalty cards at a cost effective printer, you save money when printing in bulk and you can stock up.  you don’t want to run out of loyalty cards.  They may seem like a small effort but every loyalty card that you get into your customers’ hands is another opportunity for a repeat customer.

Loyalty cards are a great way to supplement your marketing efforts because they are one of those small tokens that pack a big punch in repeat orders.  Your patrons are more inclined to order from you repeatedly if you have a loyalty program in place for longtime customers.


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