Booklets for Successful Mailings

Why is using a booklet for direct mail so useful for insurance agencies?  It takes all your important policy information and presents it in an easy to follow format.  By having a multi-page booklet to present and explain all of your insurance plans available, your customers can delve into the world of insurance and learn more and more about your particular company and all that you have to offer.  Booklets, when designed effectively, make it very easy for your customers to digest your information.

Booklets can be such an educational tool and by direct mailing it to your prospective customers, you can educate them on what the benefits that they will receive by working with your company.  Education is the key to making well informed decisions.  Your customers want to be sure that they are making the right decision by choosing your company and you want them to make a decision that they will be happy with forever.

By direct mailing your booklet, you are broadcasting your expertise to those mailing customers.  Your booklet will not only educate them on your plans, it will build a connection between you and your prospective customer.  One thing top keep in mind about booklets is that you want to maintain a healthy balance.  You want to provide all pertinent information but you also don’t want to overwhelm your customers who are looking into starting business with your company.

To have your informational booklet mailed directly to your prospective customers you can be more certain that they will read your information and consider it.  Because people take in their mail daily and sort through it the day of, your visibility with a booklet is much higher because it is bigger and thicker than the average mail.  This makes your booklet hard to miss in the mail, thus it stands out more against the daily mail.


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