Chiropractors: 4 Questions to Consider When Designing Your Flyer

As a licensed and educated chiropractor, you want your patients to sense that when they look at your flyer.  Of course you want your advertising flyer to stand out above all of the other chiropractors.  So how can you achieve that?  By keeping these four simple questions in mind in reference to the design of your advertisement.  The best way to design an eye catching flyer is upgrade to the professional design, use your own high quality graphics, include a great special offer, and choose the right size for your information.

Who will lay it out for you?

Opt for the professional design and expertise because it will go a long way for your flyer.  Your patients will definitely see the difference between a homemade flyer and a professionally designed flyer.  The difference is makes the response.  If you want to cut costs and create your own design, your flyer design will lack the expertise that a graphic designer is experienced with.  If they’ve worked with many different chiropractors, they can advise you on how the layout of your deign will affect your response.

What will you use to display your products and services?

It’s always better to include your own graphics.  It adds a personal touch to your flyer.  When you add high quality photos of your staff, location, and products or services, you incorporate a touch of your practice to your flyer.  Patients want to know and trust their healthcare provider so when you add your own touch it makes your flyer more memorable and like no other.

What offer are you including?

You always want to have a call to action as an incentive for new patients to call.  If you don’t build in a call to action like a coupon or special offer, your patients won’t feel the need to call you.  Your flyer has to include a call to action so that your patients, current and new, will want to call you to take advantage of your great offer.

What size will be most suitable for your information?

Depending on what kind of information you want to include, the size of your flyer will vary.  So if you have a lot of products and services that you offer, you want to upgrade to the larger size so that you don’t have to cram a lot of information in a small space.  That makes it look unprofessional and thus your practice looks unprofessional.

To make your flyers eye catching to current and prospective patients, keep these four aspects in mind and your flyer will be generating new patients in no time!


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