Use Holiday Post Cards to Make More Appointments

It’s time for holiday greetings!  For your chiropractic office, to maintain a continuous connection between you and your patients, periodically sending something to your customers builds more of a trusting relationship.  This time of year, you can go as far as sending a thank you happy holiday postcard to your patients this coming holiday season.

When people hear the words “holiday season” and what kind of feelings come with it, it’s typically associated with the season of giving.  So when you think of your patients in terms of the holiday season, what’s the best way to show your appreciation for them and keep in continuous contact?  A beautifully festive postcard from your practice will do the trick!  You can do two things with this postcard to increase your revenue for the end of the year.

  1. Thank your patients for their loyalty and wish them happy holidays
  2. And, include a limited time special offer ending at the end of the year

A professionally designed, glossy UV coated postcard will attract many eyes due to how shiny they are – it’s the glitter concept: if it sparkles or shines, it’ll catch attention.  You want to make your postcards stand out, no matter what season it is.  Mailing or distributing these postcards at your office will offer great visibility for your practice.

The holidays are a great time of the year to invest in some greeting postcards because everyone wants to know they are appreciated and your patients will really value the effort that you are putting in this coming season.  Definitely a “killing two birds with one stone” type deal.  You can show appreciation and offer a discount to your patients which strengthens


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