Gear Up For Winter With Brochures

“Is you car geared up for the winter?”  “Is it ready for anything that Mother Nature throws at it?”  “Will it withstand the test of snow, wind, and freezing cold conditions?”   These are questions that you want to ask your customers when they come in for an oil change this time of year.  Many people don’t realize that tough snow can be on a vehicle.  So what is the best way to inform your customers of the best way to take care of their vehicles this time of year: a brochure or information pamphlet as some people call them.

It doesn’t have to be super fancy.  As long as it gets the point across so that, by the end of reading it, your customer can rely on you to tune up their car for the wintery months.  A simple brochure that explains the damages that months of snow and rain will do to a vehicle will encourage your customers to take better care of their vehicles this season.  Your customers that have gone to you before to service their cars have entrusted their vehicles in your experienced hands.  By saying that, it’s also safe to say that they will be willing to have you service their car from them on.  As long as you are professional and provide great service, your “Beware of Winter” brochure will only solidify their loyalty to you.

Also the best thing about having a standard sized brochure is that if you can find a high quality bulk printer and you can print thousands of these brochures for only pennies a piece. That is the golden factor as well, you don’t want to put out more than you are receiving back.  But if you use brochures efficiently for your car service shop, you will be able to continue gaining loyal customers all year round!


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