Three Uses for Booklets

Have you ever thought of using a booklet as a marketing tool for your medical practice?  Well it can be done, you just have to use it in the right way.  A booklet can be beneficial in so many ways.  You can use it as a monthly newsletter to send to your customers, an information packet with all of your products and services presented, or it can be a small bio of all your trained professionals and staff.  No matter what you use booklets for, they can definitely be a medical practice strengthening marketing tool.


A company newsletter is interesting to provide because your patients do want to know what goes on with your company and the progress that you are making.  Especially in the medical field where you work with patients all day long, you tend to build a relationship and bond together.  A booklet that keeps your patients up to date on what the happenings are with your practice will further strengthen that bond and you will maintain a healthy professional relationship with your patients.

Informational Packet

For your current patients, you can provide the newsletter packet but for your prospective patients you can introduce to them an informational packet that will steer them in the right direction to work with your practice.  You want to offer as much information to your patients to solidify their informed decision to set up their initial appointment with you.


Introduce yourself.  You want your patients to have some kind know some background on your schooling and experience.  As much as you want their trust, your patients want to trust you as well.  Patient-doctor relationships are based on professional trust and it’s definitely a two way street.  When you offer a biography booklet to present yourself and your practice to your prospective patients, they will see that you are putting in an effort to be accommodating.

Booklets have numerous uses and when you can take something that simple and design it to be helpful, valuable, and keep your patients informed, you only add more value to your practice.


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