Flyers Tips that Increase New Patients

As a chiropractor, you have a lot of work cut out for you.  Everyone has issues with bones, posture, and muscles any time of the year.  If you want to advertise your services to patients, designing and printing a high quality flyer will attract them.  To produce a dazzling flyer to promote your specials for the upcoming holiday or New Year, keep in mind these 5 tips to keep your design fresh and seasonal.

1. Color

The colors on your seasonal promotions flyer need to reflect the season that it is promoting.  If you mail a flyer with promotions meant for October, your flyer should have fall colors of red, brown, orange, and yellow.  If you plan for special offers in December to promote patient services, your flyer should have colors such as red, silver, and white.  These colors are festive but they don’t pertain to just one holiday, you don’t want to exclude anyone from taking advantage of your special offers by being too cliché with your color choices.

2. Theme

The theme of your flyer also ties in with the colors you use.  When you are designing your flyer for a holiday promotion, you want your theme to reflect the season and specials that you want to introduce.

3. Information

As for the information that you provide, you want to use holiday lingo or references so that it makes your piece stand out.  Designing your flyer is like decorating a home, if you just add a streamer here and there, that doesn’t constitute as decorating for a party, you have to add accents here and there to pull the whole décor together.

4. Size

The size of your flyer always depends on the promotions you are trying to promote.  IF you plan to promote one really great offer like a free consultation or buy 10 sessions and get one free, those can be advertised on a small high gloss flyer to catch attention.  If you plan for an overview of your practice with your holiday specials, you want to go for the larger sized flyer so that you can include all the necessary information and current promotions.

5. Offer

If you want to run a holiday promotion, you have to advertise it with some kind of expiration date.  The offers that you include to make your flyer stand out should be time sensitive because you don’t want your patients to use your promotion 3 months down the road.  You want to encourage them to make a decision and take advantage of your great deal now.

This promotional flyer can be very beneficial to your practice because you are opening doors to bringing new patients in.  Especially with time sensitive promotions, if you effectively market them, you are able to gain more patients in a short amount of time.


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