Postcards to Increase Referrals and New Patients

Many people don’t realize how tense they are until they have some time to relax.  So after the holidays are over, people finally have the time to grasp how exhausted their body is.  With all the running around, planning, hosting, and being so busy during the holidays, people deserve to take a break and relax to take care of themselves. With the upcoming holiday season as hectic as every, who doesn’t want to get the gift of massage therapy?  If you want to increase your referral rate for new customers, having postcards printed to advertise for this new program.

When you offer an additional incentive for your patients to come into your practice to improve their health, it’s even better when they also bring a friend looking to achieve that as well.  You can increase your referrals from satisfied patients by having postcards in your office at the check in counter that displays the monthly referral special.  This postcard will bring your new program to their attention and they’ll think “oh great, I know someone who will need this!”  It should reflect the holiday season so that your patient knows that there is a time limit on this special offer.  It makes this offer even more irresistible and your patients are more likely to refer their friends to you since there is something in it for them.

The holiday season is all about giving.  With the giving season in motion, your patients can buy a massage package for themselves and receive a small token of appreciation or a discount on their next purchase.  A postcard to introduce this offer before it actually starts will encourage your patients to come back during the days of your promotion to get the best deal.  This encourages more return visits and even may increase your referral rate.  Word of mouth is powerful and the more you get your current patients raving about you, the more new patients you will bring in.

Postcards can be very useful when you have a limited marketing budget but still want to increase your patient list during the holiday.  Postcards can be a great marketing tool to attract attention due to the quality of the printing.  With a shiny gloss they are definitely hard to miss when your patients first check in for their appointment..


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